Sebastian Ahnert
Complex, biological networks, noncoding DNA, time scales in microarray data, discrete dynamics
Nikita Alvaro
LIMS Ventures
Sir Roy Anderson
Marco Bardoscia
Statistical physics, socio-economic systems, theory of complexity, metabolic networks
Paolo Barucca
Former Postdoc
Statistical physics, systemic risk, network theory
Jamie Blundell
Former Postdoc
Statistical mechanics, semi-flexible filaments, mathematical biology, evolvability, boolean dynamics
Guido Caldarelli
Scale-free networks, fractal growth, self-organised criticality, statistical mechanics, sys. biology
Francesco Caravelli
Research Associate
Non-equilibrium dynamics, quantum and classical systems, statistical physics, economics and engineer
Ton Coolen
Disordered systems, random graphs and networks, processes on complex networks, mathematical bio-medi
Oscar Dahlsten
Quantum information/computation, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, generalised probabilistics
Nicholas Day
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Combinatorics, Boolean networks, discrete mathematics
Daniel Eris
LIMS Ventures
Graphic Design, Typography, Interaction Design, UX/UI
Doyne Farmer
Research Associate
Chaos theory, complexity, econophysics, systemic risk in financial markets
44 people
Alexis Gallagher
Former Postdoc
Genotype-phenotype maps
genospace algebra
theory of neutral evolution
evolution of cooperation
Gallagher studied physics at Harvard before moving to New York where he was a management consultant in finance and to Milan where he was a software designer. He did a Ph.D. at St Peter’s College, Oxford with Alan Grafen in mathematical biology and joined LIMS in 2009 to do a postdoc with funding from DARPA. Outside of research, Gallagher in interested in theatre, improvisation, technology and design.