Sebastian Ahnert
Complex, biological networks, noncoding DNA, time scales in microarray data, discrete dynamics
Nikita Alvaro
LIMS Ventures
Sir Roy Anderson
Marco Bardoscia
Statistical physics, socio-economic systems, theory of complexity, metabolic networks
Paolo Barucca
Former Postdoc
Statistical physics, systemic risk, network theory
Jamie Blundell
Former Postdoc
Statistical mechanics, semi-flexible filaments, mathematical biology, evolvability, boolean dynamics
Guido Caldarelli
Scale-free networks, fractal growth, self-organised criticality, statistical mechanics, sys. biology
Francesco Caravelli
Research Associate
Non-equilibrium dynamics, quantum and classical systems, statistical physics, economics and engineer
Ton Coolen
Disordered systems, random graphs and networks, processes on complex networks, mathematical bio-medi
Oscar Dahlsten
Quantum information/computation, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, generalised probabilistics
Nicholas Day
Former Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow
Combinatorics, Boolean networks, discrete mathematics
Daniel Eris
LIMS Ventures
Graphic Design, Typography, Interaction Design, UX/UI
Doyne Farmer
Research Associate
Chaos theory, complexity, econophysics, systemic risk in financial markets
44 people
Francesco Caravelli
Research Associate
Non-equilibrium dynamics
quantum and classical systems
statistical physics
economics and engineer
Francesco Caravelli is a theoretical physicist, interested in quantum and classical systems and the application of techniques of statistical physics to other disciplines such as economics and engineering. His PhD was in condensed matter models for quantum gravity, involving work in statistical physics of dynamical graphs models, renormalization group and black holes, but more recently he has been involved in complex systems research, complex networks and agent-based models.